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It’s a start……

April 1, 2010

Right now I am reading the Bible Salesman by Clyde Edgerton. It’s off to an interesting start. Enter criminal looking for an accomplice. Add a not exactly honest (but very innocent) Bible Salesman who wants to be a good God-fearing, Bible-understanding person. We’ll see how it goes………

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  1. Kirk C permalink
    April 1, 2010 1:25 pm

    My recommendations for your reading list:

    Mary Doria Russell’s “Dreamers of the Day” &

    Neal Stephenson’s “Anathem.”

    the first is a whimsical historical fiction look at the Cairo Conference after world war I that divided up the middle east and whose affects we are still facing. very different than her previous works.

    The second is fairly dense, but a brilliant novel investigating belief systems and how religion & science become institutionalized. Perhaps my favorite Stephenson thus far, and that’s saying something.

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